The Pocket Square's Guide

Wearing a pocket square is an art, and the artist is you, soon.


A nice way to fold a pocket square and mix colours, patterns and fabrics.

There are about a million ways to wear a pocket square. There are very less ways to be elegant wearing a pocket square. 
Pocket squares are worn by young hipsters, middle age actors, old school dandies, fashion’s and details’ lovers, politicians, classy executives, my grand-dad, you and me.  And that makes as many possibilities on how to wear the tiny piece of fabric. 

As far as tastes are involved, I would say it is down to you to choose the colour, the pattern, the fold, and clothes you’re going to wear your square with. It can depend on your mood, the occasion, your style, and many other aspects. 
However I can give you some recommendations on how to wear a pocket square and how NOT to wear a pocket squares

1.     DO wear a pocket square every time you wear a jacket. 
2.     DO NOT wear a tie every time you wear a pocket square. 
3.     DO NOT MATCH YOUR POCKET SQUARE WITH YOUR TIE. Unless you wish to look like a porter or a caretaker. Not that I have anything against those occupations, only the guys who design their uniforms… If you really want to do it, use a subtle colour of your square, matching a subtle colour of your tie, as on the picture above.
4.     DO have several fabrics on your collection of pocket squares, such as cotton, linen and silk. It allows you to bring different effects depending on the fabric of your jacket, your tie or bow tie. 
5.     DO match your pocket square with your shirt, your shoes, your socks, your belt, your hat, your gloves or your trousers, not all at once though…
6.     DO wear your pocket square with confidence. Or else leave it in your wardrobe. 
7.     DO NOT wear too complex folds, it looks like you are trying too much. Master 2 or 3 folds, the rest is for bored people. 
8.     DO NOT follow these rules word for word.  Be creative and always remember, simple is best. 

If you are not confident with the mix of colours or fabrics, go for a cotton or linen white handkerchief, flat fold it. You cannot be wrong with that one. 

If you need advices on how to fold you pocket squares, follow these links :

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