Pouch Bag - Tasting The Pool

Do like this pretty pin-up girl and dip your foot in this incredible pool to ensure the delicious temperature of the pool before diving in. This velvet pouch bag is our favorite. Hand sewn in Italy and designed with all our passion in Lille, this pocket is an invitation in a poetic and absurd space-time. An arty, bright and unique design, in limited editions, chewable now, and that will accompany you everywhere.

Best friend of your outings or complement of your handbag, make-up bag or toiletry bag, this Made in France velvet pouch and its golden YKK closure (guaranteed with a super solid zip) will not let you go, in all meaning of the term ...

Pouch Bag 12x20cm, Polyester Velvet, designed and made in France.

35,00 €

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Cleaning and Maintenance of your pouch bag Pochette Square.

Wine, lipstick, make-up ... Did ugly stains attack your Pochette Square Pouch bag? Don't panic, here are our tips for cleaning and maintaining it.

To eliminate stains, you can put your pouch bag in the washing machine or clean it by hand. For the first option, choose a delicate mode and slip your pouch bag into a net to protect it from the rest of the laundry. You prefer using your gentle hands? Then, immerse your zip pouch in a bath of clear water and mild detergent. Gently rub the stains with a sponge and a mild soap.

Regarding the drying, forget the dryer, too violent for your beautiful pouch. Prefer a clean and flat surface in a dry place, let it dry naturally.

Data sheet

ProductPouch 12x20cm
ColourBlue, Yellow, Pink, Red
Made inFrance, by hand
PatternAnimal, Figurative, Geometric, Others