Cotton Veil Scarf - Gorgone - Navy 70x70cm

No, this is not about the evil creatures of Greek mythology whose gaze has the power to petrify those who look at them. These gorgons are very real and harmless! These are magnificent sea fans of the coral family that live in tropical seas and coexist in peace with multicolored fishes.

The gorgons that adorn this magnificent cotton veil bandana, hand-sewn in Italy, will perhaps petrify you because of their beauty? In any case, that's what we hope ...

Cotton scarf 70x70cm, hand sewn in Italy, delivered in its square gift box.

45,00 €

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Data sheet

ProductBandana 70x70cm
Fabric100% cotton
ColourBlue, Pink
Made inItaly
PatternOthers, Figurative, Paisley
FormatScarf 70x70cm

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