Cotton Veil Scarf - Libellules - Purple 70x70cm

In Germanic mythology, dragonflies are associated with the goddess Freyja, goddess of love of which they are the messengers. In France, in Savoy, they are called "butterfly of love". In Japan, the samurai admire it because, because of its wings, it can only advance, not retreat. So, whether for the love it symbolizes or to appropriate its confidence, fall for this cotton bandana scarf, designed in Lille by us and hand-sewn in Italy.

Cotton scarf 70x70cm, hand sewn in Italy, delivered in its square gift box.

45,00 €

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Cleaning and maintenance of your silk scarf

With regard to the maintenance of your silk scarf, there are two options: dry cleaning or homemade maintenance. If you prefer to take care of it yourself, be mindful of these few tips.

Silk is a sensitive and delicate material so wash by hand, in cold water, with a mild soap. If you prefer to do it in a machine, prefer a delicate textile laundry and always choose a short cycle at 30°C.

Your silk scarf should never be drained or dried. Sponge it in a dry cloth without crumpling and dry at room temperature.

To iron the silk, choose rather high temperature and cover your scarf with a bath towel to protect it. Use a lot of steam.

Data sheet

ColourPurple, Pink
Size70 x 70 cm
Fabric100% cotton
Made inItaly
PatternOthers, Figurative, Paisley, Animal
FormatScarf 70x70cm

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