Bow Tie Robert Dot Niro

Robert De Niro doesn't need to be introduced anymore. Playing in so many unforgettable movies (Taxi Driver, The Godfather 2, Once Upon a Time in America, Heat, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Journey to the End of Hell...),De Niro is a rock. Pochette Square took the liberty to dedicate this blue bow tie with red polka dots, 100% cotton knit, made in Italy, the country of origin of many of his greatest roles.

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Cleaning and Maintenance 

Your knitted ties and bow ties should never be washed in the washing machine, as the knit won’t support it. Bring your accessories to a trusted dry cleaner.

How to wear it ?

Because it is knitted, this bow tie comes pre-tied with an adjustable neck size. You can wear this bow tie with a grey, blue or even beige suit. 

Data sheet

ColourBlue, Red
Size5,5 cm
Fabric100% cotton, knitted cotton, 100% silk
Made inItaly
PatternPolka dots

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