To tie a bow tie is quite a difficult art to master. To avoid this, all of our bow ties are pre-tied, with a system to adapt it to your neck size. If you decide to untie, to wear it carelessly around your neck like a young Belmondo, follow these steps to tie your bow tie.

Tie a Bow Tie


Tie a Bow Tie
This how to works for every kind of bow ties.
1. Hang the bow tie around your neck and make sure to let the left side hang lower.
2. Move the left side to the right, across the right end. Bring the left side under the right one and up through the neck loop.
3. Fold the right side towards the right and then the left to create the shape of the bow tie.
4. Bring the lengthier side down, over the middle of the bow shape we've just created.
5. Bring the lengthier side behind the folded side.
6. Pinch the two wings of your bow tie. Push the left wing through the loop.
7. Hide the larger end behind the folded wing.
8. Adjust your bow tie by pulling on the folded parts gently.

Nota BeneKnitted bow ties are untieable. Here at Pochette Square, we use cotton for our knitted bow ties, as this fabric keeps the shape of the bow tie better thank silk or other fabrics.