Wool Tie - Quentin Tartantino

If today people give kids names inspired by brands, in 1963, some had a little more originality by naming their kids in tribute to television's cowboys, much like Quentin, which is a variant of the name Quint, a hero played by Burt Reynolds in the tv show Gunsmoke. Who doesn't know Quentin Jerome Tarantino, this lover of cinema and his taste for violence and pop references?

His movies, whether they are inspired by spaghetti westerns, martial arts movies or war ones, are unique in their own way. Much like this red and navy tie and its chic tartan pattern, handmade in Italy with great care.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of your tie.

At Pochette Square, our ties are handmade in the respect of tradition and with a lot of care. The same approach must be applied when you care for your accessories:

  • Carefully untie your tie.

  • Hang your tie on a hanger to keep its shape.

  • Don’t wash your tie in the washing machine, that would mean the death of your accessory. Your ally will a be a trusted dry cleaner which will be able to remove most stains without damaging your tie.

How to wear it?

With a white shirt and a navy jacket, it will be perfect. Do not forget to associate it with a red or blue pocket square.

Do's and don'ts

• The tie's width should not exceed four inches and must be the same as the collar of your shirt and the lapel of your suit.  
• Your tie should stop right before your belt. 
• Take care of it, cuddle it, it is your ally at all circumstances.

Data sheet

ColourBlue, Red
Size140 x 6 cm
Fabric100% wool
Made inItaly

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