Pocket Square - Sous-Marin Jaune

Did you notice that all small two-seater submersibles, the jewels of underwater exploration of the twentieth century, are yellow? We have always wondered if they were painted as a tribute to the Beatles song. Of course, this colour is associated with the sun and the light, but why with submarines ?

Well after several years of research, we found the solution : yellow is the most visible colour by far! So, if these days you lack of visibility, get this gorgeous pocket square... 100% silk, rolled hem and crafted in Italy, "Sous-Marin Jaune" will create much attention...

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Cleaning and Maintenance

You should wash your silk pocket square by hand in cold water and that’s it. Don’t try anything else if you don’t want to wave your silk pocket square goodbye.

You are pretty stubborn and want to use your washing machine? Pick a short cycle, and use a detergent for delicate fabrics. Mop it by putting it in a cotton cloth without wrinkling it.

If you want to iron your silk pocket square, put a towel over it to protect your accessory.

How to fold this pocket square ?

The puffy fold, the crown fold, or the winged puff.

Data sheet

Size33 x 33 cm
Fabric100% silk
Made inItaly

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