Pocket Square - The Ostrichphone

The half animals, half objects are omnipresent in this collection. Here, they get a tool to send a S.O.S and ask for help. Do they really have to do this so that we notice their fragility? Behind this message of distress, this 100% silk pocket square, made in Italy remains colorful and shimmering to keep in mind the beauty of Nature and the power of its inspiration on human creations.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of your pocket square

Silk is the most perfect natural fiber, but perfection at its limits. How to take care of Pochette Square suit pouches, depending on their appearance and sometimes it is good to know the instructions before acting. You can of course bring your silk suit pouch to the laundry.

So to wash your silk scarf is no easier than doing it by hand. Do it in several steps: take a small basin that you will fill with warm water, add your usual laundry or a special silk detergent that is more appropriate. Next, dip your scarf, shake the water gently, making waves to moisten the scarf, soak for a few minutes, because the silk should not stay too long, and you just have to rinse !

A little more to preserve its brilliance and the beautiful colors, you can add a spoon of white vinegar in the rinsing water.

How to fold this pocket square ?

The puffy fold, the crown fold, or the winged puff.

Data sheet

ColourBeige, Orange, Blue, Black
Size33 x 33 cm
Fabric100% silk
Made inItaly
PatternGeometric, Animal, Flowers, Figurative

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