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Anarcho-dandies of all countries, unite! More than an ideology, the chap movement is a way of life, a frivolous and subversive ethic born in Britain in the 1990s and created by Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood. To honour them, here is the series of  "Old Chap" 100% silk pocket squares with a 4 in 1 pattern, crafted in Italy with love and care ...

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Cleaning and Maintenance of your pocket square

Sensitive and delicate material, the silk hand washes under cold conditions. If you prefer to do it in machine, choose a short cycle in 30°, by using a washing for delicate textiles.

Your pocket square should not be pressed on no account, nor go to the tumble-dryer. Mop him in him putting in a linen without offending him and air him at room temperature.

It is possible to hand on the silk but only to very low temperature, or to normal temperature with a composed bath towel over to protect her.

Naturally, this small advice concerns you if you chose to wash your pockets square yourself. But if you dread to make a stupidity, the dry cleaning is the wisest solution.

How to fold your pocket square ?

The puffy fold, the crown fold, or the winged puff.

Data sheet

ColourWhite, Blue
Size33 x 33 cm
Fabric100% silk
Made inItaly
Pattern4 in 1, Medallion

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