Pocket Square White Trash (Cotton)

In the western symbolic, white is generally associated with purity, innocence, chastity, peace (white flag), virginity, marriage, spirituality (colour of the papacy) and life... For Science-Fiction writer Dan Simmons, however, white is the colour of ... fear. With the "White Trash" pocket square to complement your outfit today, you choose what you want to get the following message: be an angel or a demon.

100% pure cotton and rolled in Italy, you can this white pocket square in all circumstances: a cocktail party, a picnic lunch or a complicated power point to present to your boss...

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The most simple material to wash, cotton handles high temperatures. We advise you to wash it at 40°C; 60°C for the plain white cotton. Avoid the dryer.

To get rid of those ungraceful wrinkles, warm up your flat iron and iron it at high temperature.

How to fold your pocket square?

You can wear it with a flat fold, a one or two points fold.

Data sheet

Size33 x 33 cm
Fabric100% cotton
Made inItaly

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