Silk Scarf - The Ibisbag 50x50cm

The common points between Nature and the inventions of Man are numerous. Forms, materials, colors ... Everything is inspiring in Nature. This collection highlights a subject, fruit of the meeting between an animal or a plant and a daily object. Together, these two ideas create a new one. A new object, like a chimera, which opens up new perspectives of meaning.

Silk scarf 50x50cm, hand sewn in Italy, delivered in its gift box.

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Cleaning and maintenance of you silk scarf

With regard to the maintenance of your silk scarf, there are two options: dry cleaning or homemade maintenance. If you prefer to take care of it yourself, be mindful of these few tips.

Silk is a sensitive and delicate material so wash by hand, in cold water, with a mild soap. If you prefer to do it in a machine, prefer a delicate textile laundry and always choose a short cycle at 30°C.

Your silk scarf should never be drained or dried. Sponge it in a dry cloth without crumpling and dry at room temperature.

To iron the silk, choose rather high temperature and cover your scarf with a bath towel to protect it. Use a lot of steam.

Data sheet

ColourBlue, Green, Beige
Size50 x 50 cm
Fabric100% silk
Made inItaly
PatternGeometric, Animal, Figurative

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