Cotton Knitted Tie - Orlando Blue

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom is well known for two things: the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and his wonderful wife Miranda Kerr. On the one hand, a film shoot in turquoise waters, on the other, a woman who often wears a bathing suit at the seaside to her work. That's the reason we created this navy 100% cotton knitted tie with 2 different types of blue, hand made in Italy, to greet this guy who is not doing too badly...

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Cleaning and Maintenance of you knitted tie

Sensitive and delicate material, wash the silk by hand in cold water. If you prefer to use your washing machine, choose a short cycle at 30 °, using a detergent for delicates.

Mop it by putting it in a cotton cloth without wrinkling and let it dry at room temperature. 

It is possible to iron silk but only at very low temperatures, or at normal temperature with a towel laid over to protect it.

How to wear your knitted tie ?

With a black or blue blazer and a light shirt, you will make a statement. Bring your fashion sense by adding a pocket square with shades of blue.

Do's and don'ts

• This knitted tie's width should not exceed four inches and must be the same as the collar of your shirt and the lapel of your suit. 

• Your knit tie should stop on top of your pant.
• Remove your knitted tie only when its time to go to bed, never before. 
• Hang your knitted tie inside of your closet
• Take care of it, cuddle it, it is your ally in all circumstances.

Data sheet

Size5,5 cm
Fabricknitted cotton
Made inItaly
PatternEnglish Army

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