Cotton Knitted Tie - Navy Niven

Pochette Square created this 100% cotton knitted navy tie, with an anchor embroidery for a modern hero, appreciated for his composure as his legendary class, the aptly named David Niven. A major figure of the cinema of the 1950s and 1960s, he’s masterful in "Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours""Les Canons de Navarone" and of course "La Panthère rose" or "Le Cerveau" with Belmond and Bourvil. He was the first choice of Ian Fleming to embody James Bond, but not the producers… He will still play 007 in "Casino Royal" of 67.

Knitted in Italy, the Navy Niven tie is simply legendary.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Your knitted ties and bow ties should never be washed in the washing machine, as the knit won’t support it. Bring your accessories to a trusted dry cleaner.

How to wear it ?

Knitted cotton matches with elegant and casual looks. With a navy jacket and a light shirt, you will be chic. Do not forget to bring a touch of panache to your stylish outfit by adding a linen or silk pocket square in shades of blue.

Do's and don'ts

• The tie's width should not exceed four inches and must be the same as the collar of your shirt and the lapel of your suit. 

• Your tie should stop on top of your pant.
• Remove your tie only when its time to go to bed, never before. 
• Hang your tie inside of your closet
• Take care of it, cuddle it, it is your ally at all circumstances.

Data sheet

Size5,5 cm
Fabric100% cotton, knitted cotton
Made inItaly
PatternOthers, Plain, Figurative

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