Pareo - Summertime Democratic Republic

At Pochette Square, we created a fictional currency from an imaginary country where summer would reign supreme. Welcome to the "Summertime Democratic Republic", a delicious state where summer always lasts. This design to the glory of a Madonna with sunglasses is an invitation to an exotic journey where the codes of the banknotes and those of our favorite season mingle ... Printed on a cotton voile, this design becomes a sublime pareo to wear all summer long. After a bath in the sea or in the pool, kimono folded mode or extended on the sand, wear this sarong of 1001 ways.

No, you will not be able to pay for your purchases with this beautiful hand sewn in Italy cotton voile pareo . And this is his greatest value.

Paréos 115x175cm in cotton voile, hand sewn in Italy, delivered in its gift box.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Everything is good in cotton!

Like conventional cotton, the cotton veil is very simple to maintain. Not fragile, it goes without problem in machine at 40°. It is necessary to avoid a temperature too high but above all a washing too frequent that damages the fabric and risks to relax it. It goes without saying that relaxed cotton… it is not pretty, your sareo will no longer have any shape. This soft and fluid material which is distinguished by a tight weave, which gives it a satiny appearance.

When it comes to drying, watch out for the dryer. The rolled edges of your pareo are fragile! If you decide to dry this way, always choose a delicate program.Cleaning and maintenance

Like classic cotton, the cotton veil is very simple to maintain. In 40° washing machine and the turn is played. This soft and fluid material is distinguished by a tight weaving, which gives it a satin appearance.

Regarding drying, pay attention to the dry cloth. The rolled edges of your wardrobe are fragile! If you decide to dry this way, always choose a sensitive program.

Data sheet

ColourYellow, Pink, Orange, Blue
Size115 x 175 cm
Fabric100% cotton
Made inItaly
PatternFigurative, Geometric, Colored edge

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